Thursday, September 16, 2010

Beijing Matsushita employee dissatisfaction compensation for loss of containment of the company

Day before yesterday, because of dissatisfaction with the company's "separation agreement" compensation, Matsushita Components (Jiangmen) Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch (Beijing company called Panasonic) is more than 400 employees to contain the main door to prevent the Japanese leaders to leave. Yesterday, the Panasonic China to respond, the compensation prescribed by law and will further communicate with the staff.

At noon yesterday, in the Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone A areas Panasonic Beijing company closed gates. More than 400 workers gathered at the gate, the door above the posted "20,000 yuan a year" slogan.

Xiao Zhang 17 employees work on the plant, it has been 10 years of service. "My youth is spent in this factory yard, not to dry now that did not make." Xiao Zhang said 10 days ago he and his colleagues heard the news that the company will close the day before yesterday, the company looking for leadership succession leave them on the issue of compensation.

Number of employees confirmed that the company out of the compensation standard for the length of service 脳 (monthly income + factory workers average monthly income) and the other person will also receive 11,600 yuan of subsidy. Employees said: "By this standard, I only can receive more than 50 thousand dollars of compensation." Middle managers will leave the compensation received several times more than ordinary employees. They believe that the company's compensation should be 20,000 yuan per worker per year multiplied by length of service.

Dissatisfaction with compensation for more than 400 workers from the afternoon before leaving work on the spontaneous aggregation to the factory door.

Yesterday, Panasonic relevant Chinese official said, because of reduced orders, the company will recruit staff to the agreement will lift. Compensation for compliance with the law, while increasing some additional compensation. The company will continue to maintain good faith to explain to the staff, "the final solution will be determined on the 29th."

Argument: the agreement should be agreed with the aftermath of workers

Beijing Union Lawyer Houan Chun Bo said that under the "Labor Law" stipulates that employers and employees can take Labor Contract Negotiations, consultations, comprehensive response to the aftermath of contract workers, and the effective implementation to take effect.

Houan Chun said the workers against the will of the contents of such consultations, violated the legitimate rights and interests of employees, and contrary to relevant laws and regulations force, then the consultation shall be void. Employees to belong to trade unions and labor arbitration department for the discharge of the agreement, or litigation.


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